Distinguished Higher Education Leadership Award 2019 Guidelines


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 21, 2019 


This award was created to recognize and honor those individuals who have distinguished themselves by providing outstanding leadership to women in their institutions, in their profession, and in society-at-large. The award is designed to recognize work on behalf of women in higher education that is beyond the scope of the nominee’s formal staff or faculty job responsibilities. Among activities considered worthy of this recognition are the following:

  • mentoring women to enhance their leadership skills in higher education
  • promoting women into increasingly responsible roles in higher education
  • planning and implementing unique or leading edge programs for women
  • conducting research on and writing about women's leadership in higher education (if applicable to the institution)
  • providing advocacy for women's issues in higher education
  • serving as a catalyst for policy changes
  • attaining a higher education leadership position in which the nominee serves as an inspiration or role model for other women
  • being recognized state-wide, nationally or internationally for work on behalf of women in higher education
  • making presentations on women in leadership in higher education

Among other criteria which may be considered:

  • an evident philosophy of helping women that goes beyond job duties
  • a reputation for fairness, equity, and justice based on actions on behalf of women
  • a positive impact on women in leadership that goes beyond the nominee’s own campus
  • publications or presentations that provide new information of use to women
  • founding or originating events and programs to benefit women
  • evidence of advancement on behalf of women in general by breaking gender barriers (e., in nontraditional or ground-breaking career roles)

Submission Guidelines (Required Format)

Format: To nominate a candidate for the IOWAWHE Distinguished Higher Education Leadership Award, please submit the following 3- page packet of materials:

  • 1-page nomination letter from the institution’s president or campus chief executive officer describing how the candidate meets award criteria
  • 1-page biographical sketch, including  nominee’s current title, mailing address, telephone and email, and
  • 1-page letter of support from a person within your organization who has witnessed the impact of the candidate's actions

To assure that all candidates are treated fairly, text exceeding 1 page will not be reviewed by the Awards Committee.

Submit these materials (paper or electronic format accepted) by February 21, 2019 to: mathesonreginam@sau.edu

Any questions may be addressed to mathesonreginam@sau.edu

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For Your Information: Selection Process & Background

The IOWAWHE Distinguished Higher Education Leadership Award nominees will be reviewed by Members of the IOWAWHE Executive Board.

  1. Nominations for the IOWAWHE Distinguished Higher Education Leadership Award are solicited from the presidents or chief executive officers of ACE Network member institutions only. Honorees must be present to receive the award.
  1. Nomination materials must follow the required format, may be mailed or submitted electronically, and must meet the submission deadline. Nominations from previous years may be resubmitted.
  1. An Awards Committee delegated by the IOWAWHE ACE Network Executive Board reviews all nominations that conform to award criteria and completes a screening matrix designed to translate the criteria into point values.
  1. Upon completion of nominee reference checks, the Awards Committee meets for the purpose of reviewing the nominations and selecting the finalists.
  1. The Award Committee chair or her delegate will notify each successful candidate and her institution’s president to confirm personal acceptance of the award by the candidate at the Annual State Conference (April 4th-5th, 2019). Honorees and a table of her/their guests will be invited to be present at the award ceremony during the Conference luncheon.

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