Who Should Participate?

The Mentoring Other Women (MOW) program is open to anyone who would like to enhance and foster their leadership exploration and advance their careers in higher education administration. The goal of this year long program is to:

  1. Provide mentees with the knowledge and skills and to enhance abilities that will either build the confidence needed to consider applying for positions that would advance ones career; or
  2. To actively contribute to growth within the position and/or institution in which one is currently serving.


Mentees are typically in a leadership position or budding into a leadership position within higher education looking to take their career to the next level. Participants might also include those who wish to advance or acquire new skill sets.  Most importantly, participants are those who wish to grow into the next level of leadership positions and choose to acquire the guidance and structure a mentor can provide them.


Mentors are typically those who have five or more years of experience in the position a mentee is considering and/or significant experience in a broad range of leadership positions in higher education. Mentors are those who wish to take an active role in mentoring others to succeed in a leadership position. Mentors understand the importance of sharing their own knowledge and experiences in order to help others advance and become tomorrow’s leaders in higher education. Mentors may be responsible for leading at least one of the monthly phone conversations during the duration of the year.

How Does the Program Work?

The IOWAWHE MOW program pairs mentors and mentees based on areas of common interest and expertise.  It involves a commitment of one-year during which the mentor guides the mentee through leadership skills development relevant to the desired position.

Activities consist:

  • Monthly phone meetings lasting from 45 minutes to one hour in length (May-November) with assigned discussion points and articles determined from a pool of existing pieces and excerpts about leadership.
  • The mentee selects a capstone project that demonstrates what he/she has learned through the program and works on the project with guidance from the mentor, as needed (November-April).

The project can be based on:

  • a skill set necessary for a desired position,
  • an implemented project at work that fostered a learning experience that would enhance upward leadership advancement and develop leadership skills

 These projects or experiences will be presented in a Mentee MOW session at the Annual IOWAWHE spring conference held in April.

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